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Vray Next 4
Vray Next 4
MagicDongle™ 4.20.00

Forget DLLs with virus and other traps, only MagicDongle ensures complete emulation hardware key. Feel free!

RailClone 3.30
RailClone 3.30
Where geometry not disappeard

Avoid being scammed with incomplete solutions that run on a single machine, that force you to pay exorbitant prices for each upgrade or antivirus complications. Our support is unlimited!

ForestPack 6
ForestPack 6
Where geometry not disappeard

Avoid being scammed with incomplete solutions that run on a single machine, that force you to pay exorbitant prices for each upgrade or antivirus complications. Our support is unlimited!

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    Open Groups

    • Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 37
      $175-95 Ref. Price
      11 species (93 models)
    • 4 participators only
    • Only for CGI members
    • $ 44 - 32 each
    • Check It!
    • Maxtree Plant Models Vol 36
      $175-95 Ref. Price
      12 species (72 models)
    • Check It!

    Three-legged table Philosophy

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    We scan the web to get the best quality free resources, all in one place and easy download!

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    If you purchased a product, we have the biggest database of articles that can trade using yours. Multiply your investment with us

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    If your resources are scarce to buy directly, we offer alternatives to get what you need for your current projects, nothing is impossible!

    About Us

    • Hello good people! CGI is the first community of 3d artist oriented to adquisition of exclusive resources. Our goal is share this sources, exchange exclusive elements and get new products. We hate to see all our sources in the so called "warez" websites. Please understand this is not a open leeching site. We are in the constant seek of new real members who think like us, also seriousness and loyalty its a must. We desire the best for our future projects and share them with nice people who know to follow the rules. If you like our filosofy, this is your place. Welcome and get it touch with us!
    • Not about how many, but the quality of our members. We seek not the quantity but the quality. You valuable, friendly, gen sincere and creative!
    • CGI is an international forum, we are of all countries, of all races and creeds with one common point: The quality.
    • Because we digital 3d artists like you, this is a place made by professionals for professionals. We speak your language because we face the same problems.

    Recent Groups

    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 37
    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 36
    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 35
    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 34
    VizPeople | Traffic v3
    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 33
    Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 32
    • Who can participate?
      Only community members. Strangers are not welcome. We must take care that the files do not end up scattered across the web.
    • How many people can enter?
      We do not like large groups, we prefer small groups of 3,4 or 5 maximun participants. We want to minimize the risk of leakage.
    • Many formats will be received?
      Only forum can have the whole package will only be shipped 1 format, according to the individual choice of each member. This is done to prevent the complete package in danger of being released publicly.
    • You can share with others?
      No way! all files are labeled hidden and visible ways with information on the participant. If find a member guilty of distributing the files, I will be ban immediately. Trolls do not welcome in our community.

    Who's behind all this?

    Industrial Designer & 3D illustrator

    Several years in the scene and dozens of successful groups are backing who heads to the face and gives you that everything will be done with ethics, honesty and transparency. We have a reputation and credibility to care and that is a guarantee that you never lose your effort.

    Where buy?

    These are the companys, creators and developers we recommend. Their products and support are of the highest quality. Our interest is not to affect these brands in terms of economic benefit, we are not their enemy. do all we can to legally buy and protect files purchased. CGI Community is not a warez site, is a community of buyers and wish long life for each of these companies and artists to further develop incredible things in the future. Buy kids is not illegal, so do not like, this is our avenue for having their beautiful products. Broad-mindedness.

    • Xfrog
    • DesignConnected
    • DigitalXmodels
    • Evermotion
    • DoschDesign
    • Lichtech
    • Premium Models
    • model+model
    • VizPeople