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When creating materials for our 3D models, one of the most valuable resources are dirt masks that allow us to add details such as scratches, fingerprints, smudges, relief and all kinds of variation to achieve more realistic materials, but it is Hard to find high resolution textures where the smallest features like cracks and scratches keep all their detail. In this pack you will find 239 seamless textures of 4K and 8K (depending on the size of the details) divided into categories ready to use in creating materials with any rendering engine.

With this type of masks you can add variation or randomness to all types of materials, from changes in the diffuse to mix several colors or add dirt to variations in glossiness or reflect to produce more interesting specular. These types of maps are the cornerstone of the creation of any material.

This type of textures are ideal when we want to add small variations in the reflections of our glass or metallic materials, helping us to create the illusion that someone has used these objects. One of the keys to success when using this type of maps is the subtlety, too marked effects can go wrong and worsen our images, but used in their measure, are excellent for increasing the realism of our materials.

Thanks to the great resolution of these rayon maps you can include details in your materials that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve as small imperfections on the surface of the varnishes, paint splinters on the more complex metallic or specular surfaces.

Dust is often responsible for the visual appearance of many materials, with these textures you can simulate its effect on all types of surfaces. Thanks to the high resolution of the textures the tiny details of the dust are perfectly preserved in these masks.

This type of masks or alphas are very useful to simulate effects such as water puddles, roughness, high frequency reliefs, etc. They can also be helpful when mixing several maps or materials or when distributing items with some scatter software.

In this category you will find the textures that are not directly dirt masks but I have considered it important to include in this pack as 8K masks to simulate “Flakes” in vehicle paint or in the snow, normal carbon fiber and other maps.


All the textures of the pack are 100% seamless, which allows us to repeat our masks without danger of seams or edges marked in our material, so that we can focus on the creative part of creating materials .


When we have textures with very fine details such as scratches or small marks on the surface of a material, it is essential to have high resolution images. This has been one of the great challenges of this first pack of textures, where we decided to use maps of 4k and 8K (depending on the details) to ensure that all details are present in our textures and we can use them successfully in our materials .


As all textures are 100% seamless you can combine them seamlessly to get even more variations. Combine scratches with smudges, add or subtract various textures with different blending modes in Photoshop, the possibilities are huge


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