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We have managed to buy the wonderful amount of 300 scan from https://3dpeople.com but it is not enough! we want more, so if you dare to help keep buying, contact us via the indicated way.

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Happy 2015!

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  1. gr22bucket
    Posted by gr22bucket Reply

    Great quality package working perfectly with Vray and also Corona thanks CGI community!!.
    Great release

  2. Per
    Posted by Per Reply

    Increible calidad de modelado , un excelente aporte. Felicidades

  3. Thanos76
    Posted by Thanos76 Reply

    Thanks CGI buyers for join all this scan to us.

  4. SSP3D
    Posted by SSP3D Reply

    Thanks CGI. nice collection.

  5. Penshockey14
    Posted by Penshockey14 Reply

    Thanks CGI community for this great collection!

  6. kabadu
    Posted by kabadu Reply

    Fantastic collection, this is only possible due to the commitment of the responsibles of the CGIC, thank you!

  7. 3.14etro
    Posted by 3.14etro Reply

    Thanks CGI’ buyers for the 3dPeople.com database 2019, this pack are amazing!

  8. rameninja
    Posted by rameninja Reply

    Another great collection from CGI community!! Thanks for all the people who contribute.

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