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With the goal of gathering all these useful and cheap models, we have opened this buying group, through which you can acquire the different compilations that we will publish. Each of them more and more robust and large, as long as we continue to buy from everyone

Compilation 1

Compilation 2

Compilation 3

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Happy 2015!

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  1. bitbear
    Posted by bitbear Reply

    Thanks CGI guys for Compilation 3

  2. spacetrooper
    Posted by spacetrooper Reply

    Thanks CGI for the cgsky compile 3. lots of good model.

  3. SSP3D
    Posted by SSP3D Reply

    Thanks CGI guys for Compilation 3

  4. giannte
    Posted by giannte Reply

    Thanks CGI guys for C2&3

  5. admin
    Posted by admin Reply

    We do not stop! convert their contributions into resources, we have added 3,000 more models to the 3dsky compilation 3 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a7l8audlagahr95/AADTDz2y8_A7rj2fwuyY1tN6a?dl=0 (Total 8.000!)

  6. Stpoly
    Posted by Stpoly Reply

    Great stuff, Thank you CGI community for C3 !!

  7. wil
    Posted by wil Reply

    huge and beautful collection 1&3… thks cgicommunity team

  8. sleepone
    Posted by sleepone Reply

    Thanks CGI for Compilation 1&2&3

  9. Per
    Posted by Per Reply

    Increible la compilacion de modelos 3dsky

  10. Thanos76
    Posted by Thanos76 Reply

    Thanks CGI for Compilation 1

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