Arroway | Design/Craft #3 Heavy fabrics

Fabrics – A focal point of design, a challenge for 3D visualization

The importance of fabrics in interior design, as well as our lives as a whole, cannot be overstated. Today, fabrics are fundamental in defining the character of interior spaces as much as they define our perception of people. Fabrics combine style and functionality, and are manufactured in countless varieties. All of that makes them an essential focal point of design, but also poses a challenge for everyone working in 3D visualization.

Fabrics possess complex surfaces, joining organic structures in regular patterns, while their appearance is strongly influenced by specular as well as translucent characteristics. Well-made fabric textures are essential to be able to digitally reproduce this complexity and to achieving photo-real results.

This collection offers 50 fabric textures within a broad range of types and styles. We focused mostly on standard types to create textures with great versatility that can be easily customized for various purposes.


Fabric Textures
This collection contains textures for 50 different types and styles of heavy fabric. Although we chose fabrics with upholstery and heavy drapery in mind, many of them will be suitable for other applications, such as carpets and even clothing.

The scanning process
Our innovative scanning process was already capable of capturing a broad range of surface characteristics, such as surface normal and reflectivity. Now we have extended it to also capture translucency, as well as opacity – essential to create fabric textures intended to produce photo-realistic render results.

Color Variations
Each fabric texture includes 15 or more carefully selected color variations.

Translucency & Opacity
To capture the complex translucency/transparency characteristics of fabrics, both, a translucency map as well as an opacity map are included with most textures.

Truly seamless
Specially developed software was used to trace and rectify the weave structure to produce a fiber-accurate match along the seam edges. This results in invisible tiling seams – even when viewed up close.

Ready-to-use Materials
We have included ready-to-use material setups for Corona Renderer™ (for 3ds Max™ 2020+). There are four different material versions for every texture: Normal mapping with/without translucency, as well as Displacement mapping with/without translucency.

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