Arroway | Design/Craft #4 Design Veneers

Wood being a natural material is an intrinsic aspect of its appeal. In times of growing environmental awareness, its natural esthetic makes wood an increasingly popular material choice for interior design. Modern wood processing techniques now allow for the manufacture of new and innovative kinds of veneers that opened up entirely new design possibilities.

Where our existing collection of standard veneers covered 111 of the most common species of wood, this new collection goes beyond the plain veneer. With its focus on the unconventional, it embraces what would otherwise be considered flaws, such as cracks, saw-rough finishes or even discoloration caused by burrowing beetles. End grain veneers as well as veneers made from reclaimed wood are covered as well.

This collection contains textures for 36 different wood veneers of various species, styles and treatments with 112 variations in total.


Design Veneers
This collection contains 36 different veneers textures of various species, styles and treatments.

3D Scanned
Our tried and tested scanning process captures every aspect that gives wood its characteristic appearance. Accurate normal, bump & specular maps are essential to be able to achieve photo-real and authentic render results.

Color Variations
Every veneer comes with three or more color variations – 112 in total. These are not just simple color-shifted copies of the original diffuse map. To achieve authentic results, we instead employed various kinds of post-processing to match photographic reference as closely as possible.

Ready-to-use Materials
We have included ready-to-use material setups for Corona Renderer™, as well as V-Ray™ (both for 3ds Max™ 2020+). There are four finishes for most textures; raw, oiled, semi-glossy varnish and glossy varnish.

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