Laubwerk | Plants Kit 4 4 Comments

Laubwerk | Plants Kit 4

An impressive collection of Mediterranean and other subtropical tree species found across the world, planted along roads, in parks, and gardens including the iconic Mediterranean cypress, fascinating flowering trees such…

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3dmentor | HD Trees 4 5 Comments

3dmentor | HD Trees 4

Konstantin Kim introducing HDTrees 4. it's new collection of beautiful 3d models for 3ds Max (2009+) and Cinema 4D This library include over 140 3d models: Acer Ginnala, Acer Palmatum,…

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Evermotion | Archmodels 141 No Comments

Evermotion | Archmodels 141

Archmodels vol. 141 includes 48 professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality indoor plants with all textures and materials. Plants species are not…

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VizPeople | 3D Fabrics 1 Comment

VizPeople | 3D Fabrics

Viz-People 3D Fabrics delivers 80 highly detailed 3d models of textiles in various forms. 3D Fabrics is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Viz-People provides royalty free 3d…

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VizPeople | People Fans v1 1 Comment

VizPeople | People Fans v1

Viz People Fans v1 delivers 798 digital, high resolution images of sport Supporters. This collection brings many new features: Extrapolated Pictures - Our photos are shoot in Extra Large resolution…

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Axyz | Kids MeMsS008HD2 3 Comments

Axyz | Kids MeMsS008HD2

Axyz Design introduce a new collection of ten (10) hi resolution Ready-Posed 3D-Human models for Close-Up views about kids from Metropoly HD2 SCAN360 collection. Add life to your Architectural Renderings…

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