Arroway | Design/Craft v2 1 Comment

Arroway | Design/Craft v2

Design|Craft - Volume Two (Fiberboard & Particleboard) Engineered wood has come a long way since its inception in the late 19th century. Today, boards made from compressed wood particles or…

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Evermotion | Archmodels 198 4 Comments

Evermotion | Archmodels 198

Archmodels vol. 198 includes 10 professional, highly detailed 36 model sets for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality shop exposition 3d models with all the textures and materials.…

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Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 7 12 Comments

Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 7

Plant Models Vol 7 is a collection of high-quality 3D palm models, this collection includes 18 species and each species with 3 different variations palm models. Here are some…

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3dsky/3ddd | Compilations 10 Comments

3dsky/3ddd | Compilations

With the goal of gathering all these useful and cheap models, we have opened this buying group, through which you can acquire the different compilations that we will publish. Each…

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Maxtree | Plant Models v6 9 Comments

Maxtree | Plant Models v6

Plant Models Vol 6 is a collection of high-quality 3D shrub models, this collection includes 18 species and each species with 3 different variations shrub models. ♦ Two quality models…

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VizPark | Real Trees

REAL BOULDERS is the first boulder model library that deserves the right to be called “real”. The set of 15 highly realistic boulders are recreated from real world boulders via…

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VizPark | Real Shrubs 3 Comments

VizPark | Real Shrubs

REAL SHRUBS is a highly realistic 3D shrub model library for architectural visualization. The library includes 10 different shrub species, each with several model variations to ensure realistic looks. All…

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VizPeople | Casual v7 5 Comments

VizPeople | Casual v7

Alternative style, original perspective and soy latte! Hipster cut out people! That's what you've been waiting for. Make your visualizations more colorful and happy with our latest creation. Made with…

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VizPeople | 3D Kitchen Gadgets 2 Comments

VizPeople | 3D Kitchen Gadgets

Let's prepare some tasty renders together! The key ingredient is our latest collection. Fresh, sharp, light and beautiful. Done with passion to 3d rendering and with care of visualization artists.…

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