3dsky/3ddd | Compilations 7 Comments

3dsky/3ddd | Compilations

With the goal of gathering all these useful and cheap models, we have opened this buying group, through which you can acquire the different compilations that we will publish. Each…

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VizPeople | Casual v7 3 Comments

VizPeople | Casual v7

Alternative style, original perspective and soy latte! Hipster cut out people! That's what you've been waiting for. Make your visualizations more colorful and happy with our latest creation. Made with…

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VizPeople | Families v1 1 Comment

VizPeople | Families v1

Your wish has been complied! Let us introduce Families volume one. It's first collection of cut out couples and groups in our portfolio. Six hundred photos of happy families in…

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VizPark | Real Grounds 3 Comments

VizPark | Real Grounds

REAL GROUNDS is a new set of 15 3D scanned ground textures for architectural visualization or games. Each ground texture has been scanned via photogrammetry and reconstructed for a very…

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Real Displacement Textures v2 6 Comments

Real Displacement Textures v2

Real Displacement Textures v2 https://youtu.be/RHoujzrT2io Collection with 25 high detailed, scanned surfaces. Including: Brickwall-Pack-1, Cobblestones-Pack-1, Cobblestones-Pack-2_Snow, Stonewall-Pack-1 http://issuu.com/esanti/docs/rdt_collection_two_catalog

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Real Displacement Textures v1 9 Comments

Real Displacement Textures v1

https://youtu.be/1GDrB_5UmSI Created by Christoph Schindelar, Real Displacement Textures Volume 1 is a series of Ultra High resolution scanned textures that accurately reproduce surface height, color and reflectivity in jaw dropping…

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Arroway | Design/Craft v1 8 Comments

Arroway | Design/Craft v1

Design|Craft Vol. 1, Upholstery Leather Have you ever wondered why there seem to be no good leather textures available on the market? Arroway did. And now they know why. Leather…

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