VizPark | Real Grounds 3 Comments

VizPark | Real Grounds

REAL GROUNDS is a new set of 15 3D scanned ground textures for architectural visualization or games. Each ground texture has been scanned via photogrammetry and reconstructed for a very…

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Real Displacement Textures v2 6 Comments

Real Displacement Textures v2

Real Displacement Textures v2 Collection with 25 high detailed, scanned surfaces. Including: Brickwall-Pack-1, Cobblestones-Pack-1, Cobblestones-Pack-2_Snow, Stonewall-Pack-1

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Real Displacement Textures v1 9 Comments

Real Displacement Textures v1 Created by Christoph Schindelar, Real Displacement Textures Volume 1 is a series of Ultra High resolution scanned textures that accurately reproduce surface height, color and reflectivity in jaw dropping…

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Arroway | Design/Craft v1 8 Comments

Arroway | Design/Craft v1

Design|Craft Vol. 1, Upholstery Leather Have you ever wondered why there seem to be no good leather textures available on the market? Arroway did. And now they know why. Leather…

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VizPeople | People Fans v1 1 Comment

VizPeople | People Fans v1

Viz People Fans v1 delivers 798 digital, high resolution images of sport Supporters. This collection brings many new features: Extrapolated Pictures - Our photos are shoot in Extra Large resolution…

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