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Marius Silaghi | Form 1.02 for 9/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015

Form is a new modeling system for 3ds Max that allows to quickly and easily create models. It contains a Form modifier, a Form Sphere helper and a Form Tools script

• It helps you model faster then with traditional box or edge extrusion methods.
• It frees you from worrying about topology.
• It allows you to spend more time expressing your creativity.
• It gives you the ability to send the model to a sculpting application or continue editing it with traditional modeling methods
• It allows you to quickly tweak the form and shape of your model.
• It makes modeling fun.

Situations in which you would want to use Form:
• When you want to quickly create a model.
• When you want the freedom to experiment with the form and shape of your model.
• When you want to have fun modeling.

Thanks to Mounker for bougth 😉

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