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V-Ray 3.60.04 for 3ds Max is available for buyers

Hi, there is a new build of V-Ray for 3ds Max released with more fixes, you can find it in the downloads. The changelog follows:

Build 3.60.04 (official) (17 November 2017)

Modified features:
(*) V-Ray: The V-Ray log file should contain information on the V-Ray plugins that are loaded;
(*) V-Ray: More user-friendly licensing error messages;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for V-Ray Dirt “Consider same object only”;
(*) VFB: Add checkbox to keep the aspect ratio of the VFB background image;

Bug fixes:
(*) V-Ray: Caustics on motion-blurred objects may be blurred incorrectly;
(*) V-Ray: Color corrections should not be applied to certain render elements;
(*) V-Ray: Crash if license is missing during saving scene;
(*) V-Ray: Crash on rendering consecutive frames when rendering within an Windows service;
(*) V-Ray: Crash with matte objects, GI and diffuse materials;
(*) V-Ray: Deactivate VRayDenoiser when rendering without memory frame buffer;
(*) V-Ray: Holes in unfiltered zdepth pass with Golaem crowds;
(*) V-Ray: Issues with specific IES lights profiles with orientation and symmetry;
(*) V-Ray: Missing Brazilian Portuguese localization defaults for 3ds Max 2018;
(*) V-Ray: Reflect on back is ignored when brdf type is GGX and glossiness is less than 1.0;
(*) V-Ray: Render setting are not printed properly in vraylog.txt;
(*) V-Ray: Some controls in the UI of materials and textures have darker background in 3ds Max 2017 and later;
(*) V-Ray: When quiet mode is on – don’t display messages about exceptions;
(*) V-Ray IPR: 3ds Max crash with empty VRayScene object in IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: 3ds Max crash when VRayScene with override material is selected for mesh light creation;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when copying VRayLights with a texture;
(*) V-Ray RT: “fire_opacity_mode” parameter isn’t exported to .vrscenes by VRayVolumeGrid;
(*) V-Ray RT: Add missing modes to VRaySamplerInfo render element;
(*) V-Ray RT: Alpha as Gray for the RGB Channel Output of the bitmap node is ignored;
(*) V-Ray RT: Displacement map in VRayMtl is making the VRayPlane invisible;
(*) V-Ray RT: Region render warning pops up while DR is disabled;
(*) V-Ray RT: SamplerInfo render element should not affect sampling;
(*) V-Ray RT: Wrong “Relative to bbox” displacement;
(*) V-Ray RT: Wrong region rendering in loaded scene with saved region;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with specific scene with clipped geometry;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when rendering a scene with Composite texmap;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Graphic driver stops responding on a specific scene using CUDA and freeze 3ds Max;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Wrong screen mapping for textures assigned to the Environment slot;
(*) VFB: Compare V-Ray Settings VFB option fails to compare some parameters lately;
(*) VFB: Copy to clipboard should copy the final corrected image with the background;
(*) VFB: Glare lens effect is not applied if OCL initialization fails during hardware accelerated lens effects;
(*) VFB: The VFB should respect the EXR data window (ROI) for VFB Background image;
(*) VFB: Wrong exposure applied with saved settings;
(*) VRayFur: 3ds Max crash after undo creation from the panel;
(*) VRayHairFarmMod: Material diffuse texmap is not rendered on Hair Farm hair;
(*) VRayInstancer: Wrong motion blur when using PRT Source objects for particle source;
(*) VRayLight: Some irrelevant options of the Dome light must be greyed out;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Artifacts with normal bump;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Crash when default texture files are not found;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Fix bump normal modification for GGX;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Incorrect rendering of vMaterials\Design\Plastic\Transparent.mdl;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Incorrect rendering of with vMaterials\Design\Gems\tourmaline.mdl;
(*) VRayNormalMap: Incorrect result with displacement;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Crash when entering a string in a string tweak;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Wrong render of VRayOSLMtl with sub-texmaps in scene with both OSL materials and texmaps present;
(*) VRayToon: outline bordering different elements of the same object is rendered differently in V-Ray RT;
(*) VRayTriplanarTex: Artifacts appear when rendering noisy bitmap texture used for bump;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Keyed Playback Mode parameter doesn’t render as expected during sequence render;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: After loading a cache or simulating, CPU usage remains high on machines with many threads;
(*) V-Ray Light Lister: Error appears on Refresh after undo creation of light instance;

Unfortunately the issue with the freezing VFB discussed here: https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/…-3-6-vfb-hangs
is not fixed yet. We are working with Autodesk to figure out exactly what happens.