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hey buyers! free update about RailCloneb Pro 3.1.0 is here!

Added support for V-Ray Next beta 1 (experimental).

• Added “Force Instances” to RailClone Tools.
* When enabled, the Instantiate tool generates as many instances as possible, ignoring Material and UVW operators.
* This option mimics the behaviour of RC Tools previous to v3.0.9.
• Arrays generated from clipping areas use Mat.ID of spline for Selector, Conditional and Expressions nodes.
* Note: ID is taken from the first spline’s segment.
• Improved text visibility of “Note” nodes, according to the background color.
• Fixed: objects created with RC2 are not upgraded to RC3 when using XRef scenes.
* This problem occurs in the main scene, not in the XRef’d one.
* Once saved with RC3, failed objects cannot be fixed even loading them with this patch. To help with that, we added a
Maxscript function to fix them manually. Just select one by one, and run: $.upgradeFromVersion(275)
• Fixed bug with Clipping Areas when using Generator->Z Offset.
• Fixed: “easeOut” function was wrongly named as “easeOn”.
* Please note that if you was using “easeOn” in your expressions, these must be changed manually.
• Description of easing functions (easeIn, easeOut, easeInOut) is rewritten to a more descriptive text.
• Fixed crash with V-Ray IPR.
• Fixed: RailClone Tools doesn’t apply material and UVW transformations when “Separated Meshes” is enabled.
• Fixed: User toolbars using RailClone actions are reset when Max is loaded.
• Fixed bug with Bevel Corners in A2S generators using a vertical Y spline.