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Bug fixes:
(*) V-Ray: Warning messages about invalid bump normals should be printed just once per material;
(*) V-Ray: Reduce slowdown due to repeating attempts to load missing texture files in case many materials refer them;
(*) V-Ray: Very slow elliptical filtering with tiled textures;
(*) V-Ray: Crash with region rendering, with render elements and Previous render set to Darken;
(*) V-Ray: Crash with Forest Pro with VRayLightMtl with Direct illumination enabled;
(*) V-Ray: Rare crash with infinitely recursive processing of 3ds Max progress bar events;
(*) V-Ray: Different brightness with high-resolution renderings with Auto Exposure enabled;
(*) V-Ray: Crash when rendering VRayLightMtl and VRayExtraTex with the same MultiTexture;
(*) V-Ray: Artifacts with adaptive lights in different situations;
(*) V-Ray: The “Direct visualization” option for caustics doesn’t work;
(*) V-Ray: Starting a production render after IPR may cancel immediately in some scenes;
(*) VRayLight: Artifacts in VRayShadows and VRayGlobalIllumination render elements with adaptive dome light or adaptive lights;
(*) VRayLight: Adaptive dome light artifacts in specular in specific situations with max ray intensity enabled;
(*) VRayLight: Artifacts with matte objects (matte for refl/refr = off) and adaptive dome light;
(*) VRayLight: Artifacts with long and thin (like 7000×3) rectangle light;
(*) VRayLight: Transparent objects with “cast shadows” off render black when there is a dome VRayLight behind them;
(*) VRayLight: Dome light affects objects inside other objects with matte turned on;
(*) VRayDenoiser: Super bright lens effects when using the NVidia AI denoiser with very noisy images;
(*) V-Ray: Artifacts with Phoenix FD Ocean with Ocean Displacement;
(*) V-Ray: BerconTile map has wrong mapping rendering from .vrscenes;
(*) V-Ray: Different buckets with DR and Auto Exposure;
(*) V-Ray: DR may have watermarks if network is unstable due to license failure;
(*) V-Ray: Update change of geometry type per object (static or dynamic geometry) from the V-Ray object properties while rendering;
(*) V-Ray: NaN pixels in VRayReflection render element;
(*) V-Ray: Random crash when cancelling a batch render in 3ds Max;
(*) V-Ray: Turning Frame Stamp off in the Render Setup is not working if it’s on in the VFB;
(*) V-Ray: Tooltip translations are not applied to VRayLight and the V-Ray render elements;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when removing vertices or polygons while IPR is running and motion blur is enabled;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when modifying a texmap attached to VRayDisplacementMod;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when undoing deletions of geometries with VRayDirt;
(*) V-Ray IPR: 3ds max crash when using VRayMetaball;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Stalling the whole UI in scenes with many VRayScannedMtls;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when scrubbing the timeline in a scene with VRayMetaball;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Changes to VRaySphereFade parameters are not updated;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Random crash when restarting rendering with VRayOSL;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crashes when modifying geometry during rendering;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash with animated Alembic files when dragging the time slider;
(*) V-Ray IPR: “Hidden lights” option is ignored;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Different exposure when using the Physical camera exposure Control and after toggling the Exposure option off-on with VRayPhysicalCamera;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Set focus distance doesn’t update the DOF effect with VRayPhysicalCamera;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Rendering gets stuck when rendering XMesh object;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Black output with more than one VRayDenoiser render elements;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash on the second frame with scenes containing lots of animated plugins;
(*) V-Ray GPU: When there is just one light in the scene, adaptive lights unnecessarily resets the progressive buffer;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when loading new scene and IPR is still running;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception when aborting IPR during VRayProxy loading;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when view dependent displacement is used with orthographic projection;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception when VRayPlane is shaded with a VRayLightMtl with Direct illumination enabled;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Wrong path expansion for IFL files if the full path to the IFL is not present;
(*) V-Ray GPU: V-Ray raw image file is saved as 16-bit EXR regardless of the saving settings if VRayOptionRE is not present;
(*) V-Ray GPU: IPR with DR hangs if you drag the time slider;
(*) V-Ray GPU: “RGB Level” of Output map has no effect on Mix map unless “Enable color Map” is checked;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayMtl with GGX brdf has incorrect glossiness in some situations;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Sequence rendering stops after few frames on scene with Falloff map;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayLight set to “Disc” produces wrong intensity when using the lumens unit;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Environment ZDepth color does not match V-Ray;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Black zdepth pass with “use camera clip boundaries” enabled and the physical camera’s clipping planes disabled;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with VRayScannedMtl with “Edges Displacement”;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with adaptive lights;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with adaptive lights and animation sequence;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Animated intensity of VRaySun is not taken into account in IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with displacement in scene with very narrow faces;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Geometry with VRayEdgesTex with “Show subtriangles” enabled renders black;
(*) V-Ray GPU: ExtraTex with Ramp driven by facing ratio internally uses no interpolation between positions;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Invisible Dome VRayLight is visible through VRay2SidedMtl with refractive VRayMtl and transparent VRayMtl;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Noisy alpha channel with shadow catcher objects;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Difference in GI generated by matte objects using BF or LC with glossy reflections;
(*) V-Ray GPU: The temperature attribute of the VRayRectLight doesn’t work when the light is set to be a “Disc”;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for VRayLightMtl’s Opacity;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Incorrect VRayPlane bump mapping;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Wrong IPR render with specific scene with render elements;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Fireflies with VRscan car-paint with flakes;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayFastSSS2 on GPU gives additional specular artefacts;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Flickering between the first and rest of the frames with Forest Pro and Mesh VRayLight;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayRefractionMap, VRayRefractionFilterMap, VRayExtraTexMap result is blank when baking textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: The “Dim distance” parameter doesn’t work with Dome Lights;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Cuda error 700 with VRayHairMtl with VRayHairInfoTex set to “Random by strand index”;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Displacement AutoBump for GPU does not produce correct results;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Issues with textures with either dimension larger than 32768 pixels;
(*) V-Ray GPU: The Invert option of nested Output rollout/map renders wrong;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Invert output option of VRayHDRI texmap is not properly considered when used with multiple materials;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Backburner marks job as failed when there is an error in V-Ray messages for unsupported material;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Wrong render of VRayFur and Ornatrix objects when using VRayUserColor map;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayFastSSS2 is producing artifacts when a texture with black areas is loaded as a scatter radius texture;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayDiffuseFilter render element for VRayFastSSS2 is rendered incorrect;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayLightSelect render element for VRayFastSSS2 is rendered incorrect;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Wrong render of edgesTex on subdivision surfaces;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with VRayScannedMtl and Bump multiplier;
(*) V-Ray GPU: VRayEdgesTex not showing up in diffuse channel with IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Random crash with specific heavy scene with animation;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Tint override in Forest Color is ignored when there is texture randomization;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception when changing SSS materials during IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with certain GLSL materials in BRDF mode;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when loading with a scene where geometry map channel info is inconsistent with face count;
(*) V-Ray GPU: SSS artifacts on voxel edges of proxy object due to different voxel splitting on GPU;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when rendering animation with VRayProxy with multiple voxels;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Black transparency effect in a scene with a lot of geometry stacked behind each other;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Matte doesn’t work with Multi/Sub-object materials;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Textures from IFL are not updating correctly during IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Animated clipping plane of VRayPhysicalCamera is not exported to .vrscene;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Crash on update with animated meshes with motion blur during IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: If there are unsupported elements baking output is wrong due to messed elements order;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception with VRayPlane or VRayFur converted to mesh light;
(*) V-Ray GPU: If V-Ray is the current render engine, V-Ray GPU utilization settings are exported with wrong values;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Composite map with empty layers is not exported correctly;