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    As i see every where , they are many people that have the empty mesh problem with Itoo soft plugins (RailClone-Forestpack) So, i think these is as important as a plugin release !so lets start

    they are conditions :

    1:Delete all old .sls file from programdata\Itoosoftware\licenses\ folder
    2: Use 5 Upercase letter for username and Generate license for itoo software with Xforce keygen, for avoiding max crash its better that you use a 5 uppercase letter that have same letter with your computer name !
    3:Always run max as administrator!
    4:Block max with firewall , its far better to block it with some other firewall program such as Nod32 smart security , otherwise you must have face problem again ! as i know itoo plugins have so many callbacks (presave, postsave , prerender , postrender , oncreate , on unhide , on select ) for sending data to their sites so when they send these data after you save and close max all itoo plugins will be gone !

    1: always make sure you blocked 3dsmax.exe with firewall (not recommend windows firewall)
    2: Host file with blocking itoo ip is not bad but not so safe because when you use proxy or vpn or something like that (they use their own rules for port 80 )
    3:The main solution is to move every thing related to itoo plugins (splines, trees , meshes , surface) to a layer (just ONE layer and everything in it) and always , always , always remember to hide this layer before saving your file , if you forget these step you probably socks ! these steps works when you are sure you block 3dmax.exe form firewall
    4: the second solution is when you done creating your itoo objects save them (and everything related) to a new file then xref those file !
    5:you can also save the itoo plugins and all related objects as a container !
    6: forest pack has an option for saving presets , use these option then if something wrong ! just create a new forest and load the preset , then just add the surface in surface tab ! this preset saved in appdate\local\autodesk\3dsmax\max201X(ur version)\enu\plugcfg\ folder as forestpack.ini

    I promise you to write an script to automate the save process for itoo and another to save properties of railclone objects !


    also: genere licence file using only the original release from Xforce: 3.4.1/1.03, after generated licences, you can install wharever version.


    Another point to consider, if you are a crack of a hacker called n0MAD, your system is dirty, nothing will work well with Xforce, you should re install windows or do extreme cleaning your Windows registry.

    Dark Night

    have you written the script mattarsak ? egerly awaiting ..


    Thread close, real solution is here:



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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