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    iTooSoft | RailClone PRO v2.6

    Once again, achieving the impossible! announce to all members who can generate valid licenses so they can use this wonderful plugin. We have the autonomy to open the doors to the wonderful features of RailClone PRO v2.6 with no errors of any kind:

    – Without loss of objects,
    – Not objects converts to mesh,
    – No errors in animation with frames where objects disappear FP,
    – Not based on previous keygen, this is absolutely original CGI Team 2015

    Thanks to trusted members for the support, specially to donor installers (bow) and hackers (flex)


    Note: please guys, post your test 😉


    RailClone is the world’s most powerful artist-friendly parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max®. Its unique array-based approach to asset creation is fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn.

    Use the convenient node-based editor to create rules that combine, sequence, transform, deform, slice, bevel, and distribute instanced geometry or proxies. Create variation by randomising objects, UV mapping, and material IDs. Render huge objects made from thousands of highly detailed parts using native geometry shaders.

    With RailClone, creating sophisticated parametric models has never been simpler.


    New Features

    • Added support for V-Ray 3.3.

    – RailClone 2.6 benefits of the render performance improvements of V-Ray 3.2 and greater. In our tests speed gains were between 40% to 100% depending of the scene.
    – V-Ray 1.5, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 are not longer supported. Currently supported V-Ray versions are 2.5 and 3.3.

    • Added a toolbar with shortcuts to: add RailClone object, Open RailClone Tools and RailClone Lister.

    • Added a new RailClone Lister

    – This new tool simplifies the management of scenes that contain multiple RailClone Pack objects.
    – It comprises a simplified interface allowing you to rename, enable/disable, hide/unhide, and select Forest objects, display useful information, and speed up editing properties.

    • Added support for V-Ray motion blur and velocity channel with animated proxies and meshes.
    • Improved hit-test viewport performance for mesh modes.


    • Fixed random crash rendering animations in V-Ray 3.
    • Fixed bug with VRayProxies and Bevels.
    • Fixed potential corruption issue when save is not completed correctly.
    • Fixed: Spinner dragging on Style Editor generates multiple undos.
    • Fixed: Redo operation on Style Editor changes selected node.
    • Fixed endless loop when using arrays with paddings greater than spline’s length.
    • Fixed behaviour of Sequence Operator on Bevels. To keep compatibility with previous scenes, fix is applied only on new RC objects.
    • Fixed bug in Arithmetic operator when input values are not of the same type.
    • Fixed: Bevel is not applied correctly on vertices with very small change of angle.
    • Fixed: Extended/Symmetry Bevels don’t work if segment is larger than length of initial section path.
    • Fixed bug which on rare cases could generate sliced instances when using arrays.
    • Fixed bug with initialization of parameters in Arithmetic expressions.

    RailClone Release Notes


    That’s great! CGI is so powerful! I can’t wait for updates!


    CGI Community it´s the best ! We are the best !!


    nice, thank you for share


    i love you cgicommunity <3


    here is a scene that i currently working on and railclone works perfectly and helped me so much. ( Unreal Engine 4 ). Cant wait for doors and windows preset. i love you cgi folk <3

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    Thanks for this great tool to all the people involved in the project.

    Best regards.


    first of all thank all those involved to make this a reality in this community, the best and most professional internet community
    CGI communuty
    Thank you


    Finally 2.7 is out :D:D:D Lets try immediately


    hey buyers! free update to RailClone 2.74 ready to download.


    to railclone 2.6
    save and resume editing 100% working
    animation 100% without problem
    mixed with forest itoo
    no problem
    with 3d max 2016 vray 3.4 no problem.
    100% satisfied.
    and no need to be spending money on every update
    as roocoon that is only interested in their own economy


    thank you very much to all who make this possible
    itoo railclone 2.74
    CGI communuty always the most recent


    Thank you for allowing us to use RailClone.

    Thank you so much CGICommunity. For allowing us, individual artists, to enjoy the tools that professionals use. For allowing us to update our tools for a extremely fair price. For allowing us to be part of this magnific community.

    And special thanks to Luigi. For giving the installers. To Nordic, you know why. For aldima, who gave a lot of information about the products. And to Hellraizer and Axl_rose for all the test you made just to deliver quality products.

    Thank you, all of you.



    I will need you to thank the community and all members involved in the search for this solution.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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