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    Continuing our series of successes, ready and activated for each new version of our beloved Vray proudly present this new update:

    Vray 3.20.03 for 3dsMax 2016-2012 (Dongle Extreme)

    What is Dongle Extreme advantages?

    ☻ Not more fucking DDls
    ☻ This work like a real dongle, so, forget jumps or strange artifacts
    ☻ it work to ALL previous Vray release
    ☻ Unique system of protection against leakage, only you can enjoy the advantages of the new Vray hand only professional community of 3D artists. The competition may not reach.

    ☻ easy installation, one click!

    ☻ Maximun speed like legal license:

    ☻ Perfect VrayRT CPU or GPU:

    ☻ Revolutionary, unique, exclusive, new! totally different from what it once was!

    ☻ Hiper easy Distributive rendering setting

    Thanks to trusted members for the support, specially to donor installers (bow) and hackers (flex)


    Note: please guys, post your test 😉

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    The V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.20.03 is now available for download. It contains mainly several improvements and bug fixes, as follows:

    Build 3.20.03 (official) (10 July 2015)

    Modified features:
    (*) V-Ray: Faster rendering of dynamic meshes, instances and VRayProxy objects;
    (*) VFB: Deleting an image from the VFB history now sends it to the Recycle Bin;
    (*) VRayDistanceTex: Optimized calculations when “inside separate” and “outside separate” options are both disabled;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Enabled deleting of all but the last point in diagram and gradient controls;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Enabled markers in gradient controls to be moved across their neighbors;

    Bug fixes:
    (*) V-Ray: Render settings dialog progressively opened slower and could lead to a crash;
    (*) V-Ray: 3ds Max froze when selecting the “Cache limit type” option in the DR settings dialog;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed black images with texture baking and image auto-save;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed crashes with Embree hair in specific situations;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed stuck bucket with Embree in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray: Single channel .exr files were not loaded as grayscale;
    (*) V-Ray: VFB+ tool windows are inactive when rendering with V-Ray;
    (*) V-Ray: The thumbnail preview render for exposure control plugins didn’t work correctly with the V-Ray VFB enabled;
    (*) Hair&Fur: Fixed crash during light cache calculation;
    (*) VRayDisplacementMod: Fixed render was freezing with static subdivision and tiled textures when the displacement map was missing;
    (*) VRayDisplacementMod: Fixed artifacts appearing with “cached normals” on displaced objects with “subdivision” method;
    (*) VRayPhysicalCamera: Fixed physical camera shifted view when rendering with distortion map;
    (*) VRayLightMtl: Rendering with direct illumination enabled unhid lights in viewports;
    (*) VRayOrnatrixMod: Ox Hair from Mesh Strips didn’t respect Ox render settings and always rendered with defaults;
    (*) VRayHairFarmMod: HairFarm hair did not respect light include/exclude lists;
    (*) VRayFur: Inconsistent rendering results with texture mapped materials applied to VRayFur;
    (*) VFB: Loading V-Ray settings from the history sometimes did not refresh the Render Setup UI properly;
    (*) VFB: Fixed crash when the V-Ray VFB resolution was different from the 3ds Max and there were G-Buffer channels;
    (*) VRaySun: Too dark sun light in the 3ds Max viewports when using Physical Camera exposure control in 3ds Max 2016;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Fixed UI flickering when enabling the Auto Range option;
    (*) V-Ray RT: RT export slowed down when exporting a lot of frames for animation;
    (*) V-Ray RT: Objects with VRayDisplacement modifier were not rendered when VRayVelocity RE was present;
    (*) V-Ray RT: Rendering randomly stopped during animation sequences;
    (*) V-Ray RT: Distortion type and custom attributes of the Physical Camera for 3ds Max 2016 were not translated;
    (*) V-Ray RT: VRayFur was not motion blurred with the geometry it was assigned to unless its gizmo had some animation too;
    (*) V-Ray RT: BerconNoise texture UVW coordinates were not exported when distortion was disabled;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Wrong interpolation of the light cache could cause increased flickering in animations;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Vertex Color texture inside a Composite texture didn’t render properly;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed wrong render of textured rectangle lights in some situations;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Flakes for car paint material rendered with wrong normals;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Texture baking could produce incorrect results after a regular render;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Displaced geometry was not included in the light cache;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Objects with camera visibility OFF did not cast shadows;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed sub-optimal rendering of motion blurred displaced meshes;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: Fixed driver crash with hair and light cache;
    (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: VRayHairInfoTex with mode Random by strand index produced solid color;

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    Wow… great news! CGI is ever the best!


    Thank you to everyone involved !
    The CGI is the best! Unstoppable !!!


    Amazing full power feature,

    Many thanks Eric for your effort

    Just CGI have these exclusive stuff



    Dramatic improvements and bug fixes that brings this new version

    thank you for bringing CGYCommunity best thing is number one !!!!


    Anyone know if it’s safe to upgrade to windows 10 with the dongle extreme installed? I was going to make the jump but didn’t want to break the install/license.


    Cant wait to get my hands on it to test. Soon , very soon 🙂


    Finally THANKS to everyone who make this possible! Cheers!


    Amazing ! Thanks you CGI Community


    Thanks, as always the best!! CGIcommunity rules.


    Thank you for making this possible.

    So far I’ve been working with versions of cgpersia the truth is that it works well with simple scenes. The problem comes when we try to work with complex scenes and as a result increases the consumption of memory and slows down the render time render both normal and render distributed, making the production work is useless. Besides the above does not give good stability to the system.

    The dongle cgicommunity xtreme is the reliable solution I was looking for a good alternative.
    Purchased and awaiting activation.

    soon I will make a report running on my workstation and render nodes distributed in 8 rendering with 3dsmax 2016 x64 win7.


    Now Testing on 3dsmax design 2014 Vray 3.20.03 + multiscater with workstation + 5 rendernodes and works really cool, no freezes, no artifacts.

    The Dongle Extreme is Amazing!!

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