Humano3D | Vol. 01 & Vol. 02

What do you think about these new dolls? They are not bad at all! They deserve to be bought.

Vol 01. Business

OFFICE | 20 Posed 3d People

Humano Vol. 01 Business 3d People tend to spend time in the offices or fancy foyers. After day full of mettings and desk job, they talk together or stroll down the busines district. However you can meet them almost anywhere you can imagine!

Vol 02. Casual

STREET & NEIGHBOURHOOD | 20 Posed 3d People

You can meet Humano Vol. 02 Casual 3d People on cosy streets of your neighborhood or in the areas of new residential developments. They like to go shopping or just stop for a moment and have a friendly talk with each other. There are some kids as well!


• Collection of 20 Posed 3d People models
• Pre-made scenes
• 30K & 100K meshes
• 6K Textures (diffuse + normal + masks)
• 4 color variations per model

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