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Plant Models Vol 4 is a volume of high quality 3D plant model for vertical greenery, this volume include 20 species plants and each one have 6 different variations. These models are available for 3DS max 2011 and above, include GrowFX original(need GrowFX 1.98 sp3), FBX, 3DS max format, support Vray, Mentalray, Corona, Octane render.

Vertical direction and Horizontal direction

Each species mainly divided into two types, Vertical direction and Horizontal direction. They are differentiated in Blue “V” and Red “H” in thumbnails

Support Forest Pack Pro library

More Info Unstoppables!

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  1. Posted by tresdeviz Reply

    Great Library, Thanks for this contribution!!

  2. Posted by spacetrooper Reply

    the demo image looks gorgeous.

  3. Posted by admin Reply

    Another success! Thanks to roditi, juve83, korwin & tresdeviz for enter in the groupbuy 🙂

  4. Posted by Phoenix Reply

    A great sportsman for this fantastic volume so essential.

    Great CGI team work !!!

  5. Posted by axl_rose Reply

    This pack is really useful to do greenwalls, thanks to CGI!

  6. Posted by Yusuke Reply

    Thanks CGI’s guys for the scene maxtree vol.4

  7. Posted by Penshockey14 Reply

    Thanks a lot, CGI Community!!

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