Maxtree | Plant Models v6

Plant Models Vol 6 is a collection of high-quality 3D shrub models, this collection includes 18 species and each species with 3 different variations shrub models.

Two quality models

Each model provides two different qualities, Low detail and High detail models. High detail models use opacity textures for leaves and flowers, it keeps more details for close up view, but it’s slower to render than Low detail models. Low detail reduced at least 50% percent polygons.

Support Forest Pack Pro library
All models are ready for Forest Pack Pro library. The top left corner “H” means this is High detail model, “L” means Low detail.

More Info Unstoppables!

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  1. 3.14etro
    Posted by 3.14etro Reply

    Incredible this vegetation, the CGI providing us only prominent models, thanks for the work!

  2. asylbamby
    Posted by asylbamby Reply

    Nice collection…light for heavy scene…what else…THe trees are perfect for heavy scene or anything else you want good…Thanks CGI…another time…!!

  3. cgmazher
    Posted by cgmazher Reply

    Wonderful collection of plants, thanks CGI

  4. kksviz
    Posted by kksviz Reply

    Nice collection, Thanks to CGI community for the group buy!

  5. Balven
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    Once again a great pack with a Great community!
    thanks CGI For This your rocks!

  6. Noway
    Posted by dmcs Reply

    It’s great to be your member. Thanks for the help.

  7. Luigi
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    Thanks Esanti!!! Best community ever!!!!

  8. Plissken
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    thank you very much CGIcommunity!

  9. Yusuke
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    Great to be a part of cgicommunity…

  10. Penshockey14
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    Awesome work, as usual! Thanks CGI Community

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