Real Displacement Textures v1

Created by Christoph Schindelar, Real Displacement Textures Volume 1 is a series of Ultra High resolution scanned textures that accurately reproduce surface height, color and reflectivity in jaw dropping detail never seen before.
Volume one contains 26 unique surfaces broken down into

♦ Gravel : 6 Surfaces
♦ Sand: 6 Surfaces
♦ Rock: 7 Surfaces
♦ Soil: 7 Surfaces

All textures are 100% tileable. 4k and 8k versions available

The RDT-textures are produced by using highly detailed 3d-scans to get accurate color and depth informations from a real location. At the processing, we work with polycounts up to 20.000.000 and native scan-resolutions over 16k. We also use a image-based-lightcancelling-process to reduce the light and shadows in the diffuse-map. All maps are provided with layers for glossyness, roughness, ambient occlusion and more, so it’s prepared for physical rendering. Most maps are leveled to set it to 100% and it fits – so you save time setting up a material. We also provide normal-maps as a alternative to the displacement, or to support it. With these textures you can reconstruct the original surface incl. the geometry with a minimum of resources and a maximum of speed and flexiblity.

Map it on any convenient geometry – adjust hight – render – that’s it !!

Texture Layers

Displacement Detail


More Info Unstoppables!

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    Amazing textures! CGI Community rocks! as always…. top!

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    This textures type its the nex standard for all CG Artist.

    Thx esanti

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    This collection package is really good, thanks to CGI community!

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    Great texture for great rendering! Thanks!

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    Awsome stuff. Thanks for participate. And thanks for admin.

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    How can I get it? Do I have to pay for it? They look very sick!

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    CGI announces the success of buying groups: Real Displacement Textures v1 Thanks to korwinaxl_roseArchless & bitbear for enter

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    Amazing stuff as usual from CGI. U guys rocks!

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    RTD is awesome, is this pack it great!

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