That beautiful models! We invite all members to join us in the acquisition of these beauties. If these interesting, warns Skype agree to buy them.

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Happy 2015!

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  1. Posted by Dark Night Reply

    Looks really good ..

  2. Posted by jasp Reply

    Wow… yes!

  3. Posted by admin Reply

    Announced the success of the firts group Renderpeople Thanks to alexandre, Archless, jasp & XOA for help to buy

  4. Posted by alexandre Reply

    OMG !! you do it 🙂 great as ever !!

  5. Posted by jasp Reply

    Great! CGI is realy the best!

  6. Posted by Hefis Reply

    So cool! Thanks CGI you are amazing 😉

  7. Posted by alainprost Reply

    great models ! they are the best quality i ever seen… thanks to CGI !!

  8. Posted by Archless Reply

    it’s happening again…. i’m in! second group buy! always perfect! amazing!

  9. Posted by admin Reply

    CGI© proud to show our results of second group purchasing for beautiful models Renderpeople, also were added besides exchanges last month for a whopping 83 new dolls Thanks to Archless, Hefis, DarkSide & alainprost (Janreff waiting your other dolls). We reiterate our commitment with Andreas Mönke about care him products and continue invest in without leakage out community. More that $3.500… because only CGI Community can do it!… Unstoppables!

  10. Posted by bitbear Reply

    Great models! Thanks to CGI!!!

  11. Posted by plissken Reply

    Great fantastic models!

  12. Posted by Bilardus Reply

    Very good models. The best as always !!!

  13. Posted by Bilardus Reply

    Thank you, excellent models and resources. These people are incredible. 🙂

  14. Posted by Dark Side Reply

    Exchange more models! CGI is really the best!

  15. Posted by giannte Reply

    Thanks CGI! Amazing models…

  16. Posted by Ideativa Reply

    Thank you very much!!! The best models i know. Thanks again CGIC!!!

  17. Posted by wil Reply

    great.. wonderfull models.. thks cgi

  18. Posted by bokeh Reply

    Thanks!! awesome models!

  19. Posted by axl_rose Reply

    Thanks for these amazing models.

    Really useful stuff.

  20. Posted by contrast Reply

    Great models ! thanks !

  21. Posted by drogon Reply

    Thanks CGI for these awesome models!

  22. Posted by kojisan Reply

    Thanks, awesome models, very useful

  23. Posted by spacetrooper Reply

    Fantastic collection, only possible because of cgi.

  24. Posted by Plissken Reply

    thank you for these wonderful!

  25. Posted by kllnsk Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful models… fantastic

  26. Posted by Balven Reply

    thank you for this great stuff!

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