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    Improving every day without pause

    As much as try to stop us, always come out victorious in our goals, do the best resource page of history! We are not against developers, we care for them even though they do not like.

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    Do not waste time with people who do not give face, hiding their intentions and are anonymous. We have a long history of success in making our members happy.

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    Our work philosophy is unique, is perfect, so we always really in our pages the best of the best, what all want. Well, we are not waiting for things to happen, we make it happen!

    Hey people! We are back! now with new face, let me introduce our new Metro Theme

    100 %
    New Enhanced Face

    Because we like the flashy graphics, because we are artists and we love beautiful things and well made. We improve!

    90 %
    Best sections
    and a small areas

    We want a smarter ad divided into different goals. All ideas now have their own space.

    100 %
    New protections and anti trolls barriers

    Because we like to take care of what we have, some do not share our philosophy, we are better protected against them.

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