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REAL GROUNDS is a new set of 15 3D scanned ground textures for architectural visualization or games. Each ground texture has been scanned via photogrammetry and reconstructed for a very high level of realism. The textures all have a size of app. 2 x 2 meters and can all be tiled seamlessly. Each set includes layers for albedo (diffuse), ao (ambient occlusion), height (as jpg and exr), roughness and reflection level.


• 15 sets of scanned ground textures
• albedo, ao, height, normal, reflection and roughness maps for each set
• additional .exr height map for displacement
• 2 x 2 meters in size
• Seamless tileable
• 8k resolution

More Info Unstoppables!

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Happy 2015!

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  1. Posted by contrast Reply

    Great thanks!

  2. Posted by Phoenix Reply

    Very great contribution of these textures so awesome, they are incredibly good!

    Thanks again CGI team !!

  3. Posted by Balven Reply

    Very nice set.
    Ground covers textures are really missing!


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