VizPeople | 3D Mall Equipment v2

Crispy collection for all open spaces! Handy library to fill up malls, offices, streets and many more. This collection contains 80 high-quality 3d models for commercial areas and shopping centres.

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Happy 2015!

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  1. Posted by juve83 Reply

    thanks a lot for this pack. very useful

  2. Posted by Undertaker Reply

    Thanks for nice group buy!

  3. Posted by AG4T7 Reply

    Thank you, CGI for this great pack. Always number 1

  4. Posted by dmcs Reply

    Amazing, thanks a lot for this pack.

  5. Posted by 3.14etro Reply

    once again CGI with packs to save us in difficult times, thanks friends!

  6. Posted by SSP3D Reply

    Thank you CGI, nice collection

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