VizPeople | 3D Traffic v2

Great continuation of our most successful 3d models collection. Multipurpose collection of carefully selected wide range of vehicles. It contains 40 highly detailed and low poly vehicles that will keep your scene rich and memory low.

3D Traffic v2 is perfectly balanced between quality and optimization. Our goal was to create lightest objects possible and keep details on high level. The result is first ever collection made for populate virtual streets and roads! You can easily use all 40 models in one scene without drop of workstation performance.

More Info Unstoppables!

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Happy 2015!

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  1. Posted by admin Reply

    Pack bought! thanks to korwin, Darkside and XOA for help to buy

  2. Posted by korwin Reply

    Thanks for Darkside and XOA to cooperate with buy this models. Thanks CGI, we are the bast.

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