VizPeople | Business & Casual in motion v1

People in motion will bring real life into your still images and animations. Created by using best in class gear, now creating compleately new way of experience architectural visualizations and more.

Superior Quality

For creating this stunning collection they used the industry leading camera and cinema lighting delivering beautiful 160 sequences in stunning resolution of 1350 x 2304 and 25 frames per second.

All footages comes as 1350 x 2304 25fps mp4 files with corresponding black and white alpha mask mp4 file

Two lighting condition

This collection comes in two light setup. Sunlight to fit the outside environment with the bright directional sunlight, and an ambient light, intended to be used in interior scenes where the light is evenly scattered.

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    Other successful groupbuy! thanks to juve83, wil, nordic and spetial thanks to suro.

  2. nordic
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    another amazing ..only possible in this GREAT SITE

  3. Posted by juve83 Reply

    awesome pack.
    thank you for making it possible 🙂

  4. wil
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    very nice pack… I’ll try this on my animations… Thanks for this.

  5. Janreff
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    HI , please join me to group too

  6. juve83
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    Awesome collection. V helpful for animations

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    very nice collection. Thanks to CGI for the exchange!

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    Thank you so much, it is very useful collection, that i wanted for a long time

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    Thanks CGI buyers by Casual In Motion v1

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    Thanks CGI for Casual In Motion v1!
    Always #1

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    Thanks CGI Buyers by Casual motion v2

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