VizPeople | Wood Textures v1 4 Comments

VizPeople | Wood Textures v1

Remarkable seamless wood textures for ArchViz. Selection of carefully picked veneers and plank for architectural purposes. Processed with great respect and caution for source material. Made for large area coverage…

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VizPark | Real Floors 3 Comments

VizPark | Real Floors

REAL FLOORS is a bundle of 10 3D scanned floor textures and one old wall texture for architectural visualization or games. Each texture has been scanned via photogrammetry and reconstructed…

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Arroway | Design/Craft v2 1 Comment

Arroway | Design/Craft v2

Design|Craft - Volume Two (Fiberboard & Particleboard) Engineered wood has come a long way since its inception in the late 19th century. Today, boards made from compressed wood particles or…

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3dsky/3ddd | Compilations 18 Comments

3dsky/3ddd | Compilations

With the goal of gathering all these useful and cheap models, we have opened this buying group, through which you can acquire the different compilations that we will publish. Each…

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