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OK, let’s play a little game here. Which of these places serves the healthiest food? The deli? Maybe… but you can’t be too sure of what’s in those meats. Maybe they have a nice salad. The convenience stores? Bottled water and a Slim-Jim are about the best you’ll find there. Starbucks… ehhhhh… don’t think so. Unless you’re in the 1% who only order black coffee. Everything else has more sugar than a bucket of Halloween candy! The “Mason Jar” restaurant? I have no idea what’s served there. Mason Jar wins! (No, I didn’t forget about McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Burger King.)

See? An entirely new kind of fun we can have with 3D models! Alright… join us on Corner Shops 1 where we play “Who’s most likely to get robbed!”

Formats: 3ds Max 2012 or .obj / .fbx

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