Extreme Textures | 2015

In order to update our database, we offer the opportunity to participate again in a mega buying these amazing textures of high quality.

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Happy 2015!

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  1. bitbear
    Posted by bitbear Reply

    wow wow wow….very beautiful texture!

  2. admin
    Posted by admin Reply

    Update 2015: http://i.imgur.com/1ZFI9M5.jpg Thanks to nordic, Darkside, tresdeviz & bitbear for join us to buy.

  3. bitbear
    Posted by bitbear Reply

    Thank you for this great texture. Thank to Eros to create this amazing textures…long life to Eros…we respect your work!

  4. rameninja
    Posted by rameninja Reply

    Thanks for the awesome textures!! Another great share CGIC!

  5. FOCUS
    Posted by FOCUS Reply

    Wow! So usefull. Thanks CGIC 🙂

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