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A new version of RailClone Pro is available for buyers.

RailClone 3.0.9

– Added “Separate Meshes” option to RailClone tools.
* When enabled, creates separated meshes for the non-instantiable segments, instead attaching all of them.
– RailClone Tools generates correct meshes (no instances) for segments using Material or UVW operators.
– Fixed crash in Library Browswer using libraries downloaded with old version of Update Manager.
– Fixed: Clipping Area is not aligned correctly when using Generator->Z Offset.
– Fixed crash with some operations after deleting a Note in Style Editor.
– Fixed crash in RailClone Lite loading scenes created with Pro version.
– Fixed rare crash with Clipping areas.
– Fixed behaviour of arrays when using X Rotation and Surfaces (in this case segments are aligned, but not conformed to the Surface).
– Fixed endless loop when using circular references between nodes.