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Hey buyers! free update to ForestPack 6.1.2 & libraries September 2018 is here!

New Features and improvements

With Distribution->Path, Reference and Particle modes, it’s possible to assign a Surface keeping the item’s Z position.
To do it, turn off “Non Image modes->Link to Surface” in the Surface rollup.
This mode is useful to use the “Color by Texture” mode of Forest Color.


• Fixed: Items are not oriented correctly when using Distribution->PFlow->Align.
• Fixed errors in Lister when there are duplicated object names.
Distribution->Path Distance is set by default to 1 meter, regardless of the scene’s unit.
“Surface->Custom Edit->Link to Surface” has been renamed to “Non Image->Link to Surface”, since this parameter is used both in Custom Edit and Non-Image Distribution modes.
• Fixed: “Color by Texture” doesn’t work in Custom Edit mode if “Surface->Link to Surface” is off.
• Fixed crash using Forest as a XRef Object.
• Fixed missing items when rendering Particle Flow distributions.
• Tree Editor is renamed to Items Editor in Settings dialog.
• Fixed slowdown evaluating heavy models with displacement maps (as Maxtree models).