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Modified features:
(*) V-Ray: Lens effects memory and speed improvements;
(*) V-Ray: Improve lighting render elements consistency, automatically enabled for new scenes and when using the adaptive dome light;
(*) V-Ray: Improve light cache preview;
(*) V-Ray: Hide the legacy VRayMap;
(*) V-Ray: Print a warning when using the irradiance map with full light select elements;
(*) V-Ray: Add Chinese tooltip translations;
(*) V-Ray: Add a parameter for additional control of the auto-exposure (renderers.current.camera_autoExposure_compensatio n);
(*) V-Ray IPR: Support for most atmospheric effects in IPR mode;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Improve interactive responsiveness with heavy scenes;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Improved image sampling with many (more than 1k) samples efficiency;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add support for RGB Tint and RGB Multiply textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Faster calculations VRayFastSSS2 materials;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Grey out the unsupported subdivs and cutoff parameters for lights, materials and textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Reduce memory usage with motion blur;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Speed up loading of 8-bit textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for “Affect background” with the bucket sampler;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Faster geometry updates during IPR;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add a warning if there is an unsupported render/bake element;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add Alembic visibility_list support for VRayProxy;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add support for GrowFX;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Add support for the Waves texmap;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Export color corrections settings in .vrscene files;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Support for Dent Map;
(*) VRayDisplacementMod: Improve “Keep continuity” option to weld seams at vertices too;
(*) VRayHDRI: Support for the tag;
(*) VRayInstancer: Improve speed during scene preparation;
(*) VRayGLSL/VRayMDL: Add support for “C++/CPU” CUDA devices rendering;
(*) VRayOrnatrixMod: Implement Ornatrix v6 support for optimized hair data access;
(*) VRayOrnatrixMod: Utilize the width data from the new OX Change Width modifier;
(*) VRayOSL: Implemented the supported wrap modes;
(*) VRayOSL: Add more parameters to the vray_subsurface closure;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Add a short description info based on the plugin description;
(*) VRayProxy: Read proxy files on demand so that only visible proxies are loaded;
(*) VRayScene: Instancer is not shown in the viewport;
(*) VRayLightSelect: Add Include/Exclude list by layer selection;
(*) VRayOptionRE: Ability to update the exr metadata parameter in VRayOptionRE with a per-frame MaxScript callback;
(*) VRayUnclampedColor: Remove the “color mapping” parameter;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Expose the grid-based motion blur algorithm from Phoenix FD 3.00.01 for use via the ‘mbgrid’ script parameter;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Support for the new transformation model of OpenVDB caches from FumeFX 5;
(*) VFB: Add docking support for the main window (enabled by the VRAY_VFB_DOCKABLE environment variable);
(*) VFB: Use text labels for the flyout buttons;
(*) VFB: Lens effects size to accept values lower than 1.0;
(*) V-Ray Toolbar: Align the newly created camera from “V-Ray Physical Camera” button;
(*) V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter: Improve responsiveness and conversion speed;
(*) V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter: The “Half” precision option should be on by default;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Ability to apply lens effects from .vrscene files;
(*) VRayDenoiser: NVIDIA AI denoiser uses less GPU memory for denoising;