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Моre bug fixes:
(*) V-Ray GPU: Noise threshold reports are misleading;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Forest Pack “Limit to Visibility” is not properly exported to .vrscene when the camera is animated;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Body object is always exported with draft quality;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Maxscript command vrayUpdateIPR() stops the IPR;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Export stats dialog should not be closed on scene node deletion;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated tilt and shift parameters of physical cameras are not exported in .vrscenes;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated color of the Falloff map is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated VRayPhysicalCamera target movement is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Flipped textures in VRayOSL;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Camera animation discrepancies with V-Ray;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Export VRayWireColor render element;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: VRayNormalMap assigned to VRayBumpMtl is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: No motion blur is rendered on the last frame when exporting a an animation frame range;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Vector displacement in “Object” mode produces wrong result;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Invalid colors when rendering scenes with two VRay2SidedMtl materials nested in each other;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Mesh VRayClipper doesn’t work if the mesh has animated parameters;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated parameters of VRayMtl are not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Physical cameras with offset pivots are not exported properly;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Ornatrix feathers are not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated intensity of VRayIES lights is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated Multiplier of VRayLights is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated VRaySun position is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Export for VRayMtlID render element in .vrscene files;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Texmap plugged into a texture slot of the Tiles map is rendered even if turned off;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Displacement turned off in the V-Ray Global Switches still renders;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Wrong material rendered when Falloff map is used;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated VRayPhysicalCamera “Zoom factor” is not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Forest Pack object with “Visible to Camera” disabled still renders;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Animated slice modifier resets Material object ID’s when exporting animation in .vrscene;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Difference in render result when using MultiTexture;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Different result with V-Ray for invisible spherical VRayLight and VRayEnvironmentFog;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Material editor sample slots rendering slows down the vrscene export;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Wrong render time in V-Ray log when material editor is opened during IPR;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Wrong export of the Gain parameter of ColorMap;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Saving V-Ray raw image file and Separate render channels options are not exported;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Shutter offset of the Physical camera is not exported properly;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: Exporting a .vrscene without animation always includes “//Frame at time 1” in the .vrscene file;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: The option to lock the dome light texture orientation to the dome light viewport icon not taken into account when exporting animated .vrscene;
(*) V-Ray Cloud: “Lights” option in Global Switches is ignored;
(*) VRayALSurfaceMtl: Opacity slot not exported in .vrscenes;
(*) VRayALSurfaceMtl: Endless render when the SSS1/2/3 radius values are set to 0;
(*) VRayDistanceTex: Crash when using the material editor while a Phoenix FD simulation that is evaluating a VRayDistanceTex is running;
(*) VRayDistanceTex: Not working with particle systems loaded in its objects list;
(*) VRayDistanceTex: Texmap is affected only by renderable objects in V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayFur: Different bend direction between V-Ray and V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayFurStyler: Crash when copied/cloned;
(*) VRayGLSL: Error when merging scenes with GLSL shaders;
(*) VRayGLSL/VRayMDL/VRayOSL: Cloned or copied plugin may result in error;
(*) VRayGLSL: Anisotropy has wrong mapping and rotation;
(*) VRayGLSL: Shaders with uninitialized samplers crash with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayGLSL: GLSL materials cause V-Ray GPU to recompile kernels on each start;
(*) VRayGLSL: Shaders use too much memory per thread;
(*) VRayGLSL/VRayMDL: LLVM produces code for Skylake processors that causes crashes;
(*) VRayGLSL: vr_RayFlags has incorrect value with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayGLSL/VRayMDL: Crash with specific shader rendering with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayGLSL: Vector displacement in “Object” mode does not work with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayHDRI: Undo doesn’t work for Bitmap field;
(*) VRayIES: Cloning a light causes it to render incorrectly;
(*) VRayInstancer: Instances are rendered with the particle materials instead of the instanced geometry material;
(*) VRayLight: Crash when rendering with a MAXScript plugin derived from VRayLight;
(*) VRayMDL: Param block error on scene load;
(*) VRayMDL: Crash when the material of the node is changed;
(*) VRayMDL: Empty material crashes 3ds Max when rendering with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayOrnatrixMod: Crash with VRayHairNextMtl and motion blur;
(*) VRayOrnatrixMod: ObjectSpace data per vertex of the hair is not working in V-Ray Next;
(*) VRayOrnatrixMod: Per-vertex mapping for hairs’ texmaps;
(*) VRayOSL: Randomly rendering black;
(*) VRayOSL: Local assets are not found when rendering with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayOSL: OSL additional paths not working in 3ds MAX;
(*) VRayOSL: Crashes in V-Ray IPR;
(*) VRayOSL: Bitmap texture buttons don’t work in Slate Material Editor;
(*) VRayOSL: UI shows string popups as texture buttons;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Ability to use V-Ray PluginNodeTex in bump and displacement material slots;
(*) VRayPluginNode: ObjectXYZ and WorldXYZ mapping modes;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Plugins with texture inputs don’t have an input to load a bitmap file;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Mtl plugins have no inputs;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Material with BRDFCarPaint and BRDFStochasticFlakes renders black with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Crash with TexFalloff or TexCellular when assigned to material;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Plugin parameters have reverse tab order of UI controls;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Wrong initial render with MtlOverride plugin;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Gaps along the boundaries of TexBitmap plugin;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Animated parameters are not saved with scene;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Parameters’ tooltips and ranges are not correctly set;
(*) VRayPluginNode: Texmap buttons are not immediately updated in 3ds Max 2013-2016;
(*) VRayProxy: Crash when opening a scene with Аlembic preview file;
(*) VRayProxy: Preview cache sometimes prevents proper rendering with Alembic offset;
(*) VRayProxy: Tooltip text listed in Parameter Wiring dialog;
(*) VRayScene: Crash with .vrscene sequence and missing first file;
(*) VRayScene: Crash when using UV-coordinates from an imported .vscene;
(*) VRayScene: VRayExtraTex with a bitmap is blurred on objects from the .vrscene;
(*) VRayScene: Viewport representation of VRayLights from vrscenes is wrong;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Missing buckets with moving volume grid in Volumetric Geometry mode and motion blur;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Render Cutter in Isosurface mode of a volume grid with VRayMtl with Affect Shadows blocks GI rays for geometry inside the Cutter with V-Ray Next;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Incorrect light intensity with Approximate Scattering using V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Random crash when rendering a volume grid in Volumetric Geometry mode with V-Ray Velocity Render element;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: VRayVelocity render element doesn’t work in Volumetric Geometry mode;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Exception Compiling Geometry when attempting to start IPR in Mesh, Ocean Mesh or Cap Mesh mode;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Volume renders wrong on CPU when the grid is moving with the camera and Motion Blur and the Phoenix Light Cache are used;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Buckets in VRayLightSelect render element when rendering in Volumetric Geometry mode with Phoenix Light Cache enabled;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Rendering a scene containing a volume grid and a Phoenix FD Simulator causes a crash with V-Ray GPU;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Even when there aren’t active render elements warnings appear in V-Ray messages;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Incorrect preview when volume grid’s pivot point is offset;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Voxel preview of temperature around 200 Kelvins with As Fire enabled draws bright red and pink voxels;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Warning: Emit light isn’t supported on V-Ray GPU;
(*) VFB: Crash when enabling Bloom/Glare while A/B compare is enabled;
(*) VFB: Lens effects Threshold parameter value is reset on scene open;
(*) VFB: LUT color correction is not loaded properly from 3ds Max scene files;
(*) VFB: Blank VFB when comparing images from history after effectResult is generated;
(*) VFB: Freezes randomly if playing with it while rendering;
(*) VFB: Maximized VFB returns to previous size on render start on 3ds Max 2018-2019;
(*) VFB: Buckets shift slightly when completed;
(*) V-Ray scene converter: Standard materials are converted to VRayMtl with unlocked highlights and reflection glossiness;
(*) VRayDenoiser/vdenoise.exe: NVIDIA AI denoiser is not releasing the GPU memory after the denoise calculation;