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    iTooSoft | Forest Pack Pro v5.0.5

    Once again, achieving the impossible! announce to all members who can generate valid licenses so they can use this wonderful plugin. We have the autonomy to open the doors to the wonderful features of ForestPackPRO with no errors of any kind:

    – Without loss of objects,
    – Not objects converts to mesh,
    – No errors in animation with frames where objects disappear FP,
    – Not based on previous keygen, this is absolutely original CGI Team 2015

    Thanks to trusted members for the support, specially to donor installers (bow) and hackers (flex)


    Note: please guys, post your test 😉


    Forest Pack is the world’s most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max®. It provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more. If you can model it, Forest Pack can scatter it. And only CGI Community have real solution to your projects:


    New Features

    • Added support for V-Ray 3.3
    – Forest Pack 5 benefits of the render performance improvements of V-Ray 3.2 and greater. In our tests speed gains were between 40% to 100% depending of the scene.
    – V-Ray 1.5 and 3.0 are not longer supported. Currently supported V-Ray versions are 2.x, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

    • Added a toolbar with shortcuts to: add FP object, add Forest LOD, Forest Tools and Forest Lister.

    – This new tool simplifies the management of scenes that contain multiple Forest Pack objects.
    – It comprises a simplified interface allowing you to rename, enable/disable, hide/unhide, and select Forest objects, display useful information, and speed up editing properties.

    • Forest Effects

    – This new feature lets you to extend the functionality of Forest Pack by adding limitless possibilities for animation, random transform, colouring, etc.
    – Similar to a scripting engine, it’s based on mathematical expressions which are applied to the Forest items.
    – Effects can be loaded from a from a library, importing them from individual files, or creating your own using expressions.
    – Exportable parameters and references are allowed, letting you to create an easy interface for end users.

    • Added Areas->Edge mode for Mental Ray and Corona renderer.

    – These renderers require to use “Forest Edge” (a new procedural texture map) in the opacity slot of ALL materials used by the Forest Object.
    – Forest Edge has no effect when used with other render engines.
    – Added support for “Forest Edge” in the Material Optimizer, so it can be applied with a single click in your scene or material library

    • Distribution->Diversity Map and Clusters now recognize multiple models with the same color ID, handling them as a group with their own Probability values

    – To keep compatibility with existing scenes, this feature is applied only on new FP objects.
    – This feature is not compatible with Areas->Select models. In this case, the previous behaviour is applied (using only the first color ID match).

    • Added new presets: Mulch and Rugs.

    • Added support for V-Ray motion blur and velocity channel with animated objects (both proxies and meshes).

    • Library presets can use nested Forest objects, but with several restrictions:
    – Nested objects must use only area splines, not surfaces or exclusion objects.
    – Be sure there are no duplicate names in custom objects or areas.

    • Added “Render quality” option to the library presets. Enables you to select simplified materials for faster render times.
    – Currently available only for V-Ray materials.
    – It works by modifying standard materials using Maxscript. For example, in V-Ray it replaces VRay2sidedMtl by VRayMtl.
    – You can add your own materials procedures by editing the function “updateLibMaterial” in forestlib.ms. Please ask us on the forum for more details.

    • Fixed Forest Color map names in Slate Editor.
    • ForestEdge’s opacity texture is applied correctly in Corona Renderer.
    • Fixed distribution on Cluster using multiple items with same Color ID (new feature in FP 5, but bugged in previous version).
    • Added “copyMaterialFromObjects” parameter to forestpack.ini. Set it to zero to avoid that material is copied to Geometry->Material when picking Custom Objects.
    • Areas->Falloff global parameters and Transform->Probability curves are imported from library presets.
    • Added Maxwell materials for Lawns, Leaves, Meadows and Stones presets.
    • Auto generated materials are optimized, removing unused and duplicated materials. This is particularly useful for nested Forest objects.
    – If your materials require the previous behaviour, this feature can be disabled by setting optimizeAutomaterial=0 in forestpack.ini

    • Distribution->Max.Density range is raised to 999.
    • All scattering limits (Distribution->Max.Density, Display->Max Items/Faces) can be disabled by setting the value to zero.
    • Default Distribution Map is changed to “dense”.
    • Optimize Materials automatically replaces “Normal Bump” maps with VRayNormalMap.
    • Improved memory usage rendering animations with Mental Ray.
    • Max 9 to 2009 are not longer supported. Minimum version supported is Max 2010.


    • Fixed ‘Zoom extent’ behaviour with selected items in Custom Edit mode.
    • Fixed: Forest LOD using Look-At target doesn’t work without a camera assigned.
    • Fixed: Distribution->Collision->Radius affects to Edge mode, even with collision checking disabled.
    • Fixed continuous rebuild when using nested Forests with “Consolidate Materials” off.
    • Fixed crash with VRayClipper.
    • Improved hit-test viewport performance for mesh modes.
    • Fixed Mental Ray error using Animation->Frame from Map.
    • Fixed random crashing bug rendering with Mental Ray in Max 2016.
    • Fixed solid color screen after cancelling a Corona render.
    • Fixed crash when navigating in viewport while Corona is rendering.
    • Fixed crash using Corona interactive with Forest Color.
    • Fixed duplicated IDs on Geometry list with Copy/Paste operations.
    • Geometry List->Copy/Paste now copies the color ID correctly.
    • Fixed bug with Areas->Object exclude->Top limit.

    Forest Release Notes

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    very good work team cgi !!! Thanks for that solution.


    as always at the forefront CGI Community
    Although the protection of forest itoo change
    they do the impossible and itoo Forest 5 works perfectly
    with the renewed license

    tnx CGI Community


    Perhaps only a CGI can do so quickly. Very happy to join this community. Thanks to CGI team effort.




    CGI Community it´s the best ! We are the best !!


    amazing esanti, thank you !!


    Woow!, -excellent work, thanks to all who make this possible, Cgicommunity again!!


    Amazing! great job. Thanks for your great support


    Thank you all members that involved especially CGI team for making this possible!!


    So far working like charm.


    Beautiful! Thanks CGI team for present support!


    Thank CGI and everyone involved in this solution! This further strengthens our commitment as members of the community.


    My test of Forest 5! I am extremely satisfied!
    The solution work 100%!
    Thanks CGI team, for the great support that gives us!

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