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    iTooSoft | RailClone PRO v3

    This substantial update includes several powerful tools to extend RailClone’s functionality, while improving usability.

    In addition to an extensive set of new features collated in the release notes, highlights include the ability to create near limitless texture variations; a game-changing feature that enables users to create their own nodes; several UI improvements to make graphs quicker to create, easier to read and friendlier to use; massive improvements to streamline the use of closed splines to define the shape and orientation of arrays; plus a new way to download and manage assets.

    Headline features

    • Randomise and tint maps with RailClone Color.
    • Create, save and share new nodes with Macros.
    • Work more efficiently with the help of many UI Improvements, including a rewritten notes node, expandable list boxes, and the ability to easily export multiple attributes and parameters.
    • Apply and align styles to multiple closed splines in a single click with clipping improvements.
    • Manage and update multiple RailClone objects in large scenes by linking Styles.
    • Download new styles and macros from our online repository using Update Manager.
    • New libraries for roofing and cladding.
    • Support for 3ds Max 2018 and V-Ray 3.6.

    Thanks to trusted members for the support, specially to donor installers (bow) and hackers (flex)


    Note: please guys, post your test 😉


    Cgi community grandiose and always on the cutting edge, railclone v3 works wonderfully
    Thanks to all who make this possible


    Thanks to the community for searching for the solution to this!


    Thanks to CGI team for this Fantastic release!!! Worked great!!


    Very grateful to the people thats make this posible everyone involved many thanks.


    Hey buyers, a new version is available, free if you did report:

    RailClone 3.0.8

    – Arithmetic->Expression fixes:
    * Pow operator (^) is evaluated from right to left.
    * “print” command didn’t display the result if nodes’s output is connected.
    * “>=” and “<=" operators in RC2 expressions are wrongly converted. * Evaluate action shows a warning if the RailClone object could not be built correctly. - Fixed object corruption when importing duplicated materials from the library. - Fixed: RailClone Color from map now computes UVW coordinates using the center of the segment's bounding box (RAILCLONE-712). - Fixed geometry issues moving or transforming together a RC object and its clipping area. - Fixed extra "Ramdom Rotation 2" entry in UVW XForm export parameters. - Fixed crash using Display->Update on interactive rendering (both Corona and V-Ray).
    * Note: Usually Update action doesn’t only rebuild the RailClone object, but also clears some caches and data used by the plugin.
    On interactive render, this step is omitted because may crash Max. Therefore, behaviour of Update action may be different in both cases.
    – Slots connected to exported Attributes are renamed using correct prefix.
    – Fixed: Randomize->Export Parameters is not updated when new nodes are connected.
    – Fixed: Randomize->Presence has no effect is parameter is exported.
    – Fixed: Generator->Z-Offset is not applied to Point-cloud.
    – Fixed: Style Editor->Close tab closes all tabs to right, instead only the current one.
    – Fixed creation context menu when connecting a numeric operator within a macro.
    – Fixed: Nested RC objects may look different from viewport and render.
    – Fixed: Macro On/Off has no effect.
    – Fixed: Macros connected to expandable operators (as Randomize) creates duplicated links when edited (RAILCLONE-730).

    Update Manager (

    – Changelog is shown after updating packages.
    – Fixed crashing bug when there are installed old versions of the plugins.
    – Other fixes.


    Works great, saves and does not erase information 100% working. Thanks to all who make this possible railclone 3


    Always in the vanguard, thanks for railclone 3.0.8, the newest, before anyone else the best CGIcommunity, and to all that you do this possible


    Thanks to the Nice community ~Very Much !!

    ITOOsoft Railclone 3.0.8


    Wow! Thanks a lot for the free update to 3.0.8!


    A new version of RailClone Pro is available for buyers.

    RailClone 3.0.9

    – Added “Separate Meshes” option to RailClone tools.
    * When enabled, creates separated meshes for the non-instantiable segments, instead attaching all of them.
    – RailClone Tools generates correct meshes (no instances) for segments using Material or UVW operators.
    – Fixed crash in Library Browswer using libraries downloaded with old version of Update Manager.
    – Fixed: Clipping Area is not aligned correctly when using Generator->Z Offset.
    – Fixed crash with some operations after deleting a Note in Style Editor.
    – Fixed crash in RailClone Lite loading scenes created with Pro version.
    – Fixed rare crash with Clipping areas.
    – Fixed behaviour of arrays when using X Rotation and Surfaces (in this case segments are aligned, but not conformed to the Surface).
    – Fixed endless loop when using circular references between nodes.


    grateful to this community that always has the newest, and to all that make this possible. thanks for RailClone 3.0.9
    cgicommunity the best


    Thaks to community for the release


    Thanks to CGIcommunity!!!

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    Thank you CGIcommunity and everyone involved for this great release.!

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