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    Well, we have achieved it, once again! because we love this rendering engine and we do not want it to die, it’s here, with a new system. The best crack of the story available only for members of this community. Free upgrades included.

    Vray Next 4.02.04 for 3dsMax 2019 or old

    What is Dongle Extreme advantages?

    ☻ Not more fucking DDls
    ☻ This work like a real dongle, so, forget jumps or strange artifacts
    ☻ it work to ALL previous Vray release
    ☻ Unique system of protection against leakage, only you can enjoy the advantages of the new Vray hand only professional community of 3D artists. The competition may not reach.

    ☻ easy installation, one click!

    ☻ Maximun speed like legal license:

    ☻ Perfect VrayRT CPU or GPU:

    ☻ Revolutionary, unique, exclusive, new! totally different from what it once was!

    ☻ Hiper easy Distributive rendering setting

    Thanks to trusted members for the support, specially to donor installers (bow) and hackers (flex)


    Note: please guys, post your test 😉

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    Excellent!!! Special thanks to the members who make this possible!!, big thanks. V-ray Next MagicDongle for all trusted members!!


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    Great…!!! Thanks to members and all who worked in this release…!!!


    hahaha boy, you are light years behind us, you have no idea.




    Incredible! Awesome!

    This Hacks RULS!!!!!!
    Thanx CGI and ESANTI…..


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    thank you for share esanti, very kind


    Hello friends.

    After 3 weeks testing vray next with magic dongle I can say that it works really well, the teammates that made the crack possible have done a good job like the previous time with the xtreme dongle. In our network we have 1 workstation and 16 render nodes and the license reaches all nodes without problems, in turn all of them can work and have 3dsmax open as if they were workstation. It has been an excellent and professional job.

    Thanks to all the members that have made this possible.

    A greeting.


    Thanks luigi for update 4.02.05 of Vray next MagicDongle.


    V-Ray Next 4.02.05 is available.
    Hi, there is a new hotifx build of V-Ray Next for 3ds Max released with [mainly] bug fixes, you can find it in the downloads. The change log follows:

    Build 4.02.05 V-Ray Next official

    New features:
    (*) V-Ray: Initial support for direct rendering of CoronaMtl and most materials from the Corona material library;
    (*) V-Ray/V-Ray GPU: Add a parameter for additional control of the auto-exposure (camera_autoExposure_compensation);

    Modified features:
    (*) VRayHDRI: Improved performance for tiled .tx and .exr textures;
    (*) VRayDenoiser: Switch to Optix 5.1 for the NVidia AI denoiser;
    (*) VRayGLSL/VRayOSL: Added keyboard shortcuts, compile and reset options to QuickShader UI;
    (*) VRayScene: Implement support for VRayCryptomatteElement;
    (*) VRayMDL: Add support for Ward BRDF in MDL plugin;

    Bug fixes:
    (*) V-Ray: Artifacts with adaptive lights in a certain interior scenes;
    (*) V-Ray: Crash when modifying VRayInstancer material and switching to another frame during IPR;
    (*) V-Ray: Crash when rendering with DR (since 4.02.04);
    (*) V-Ray: Crash when starting IPR after resetting a scene with DR;
    (*) V-Ray: Crash with region rendering with render elements and Previous render set to Darken;
    (*) V-Ray: Different brightness in high-res renderings with Auto Exposure;
    (*) V-Ray: Fix V-Ray Cloud scene submission broken animation export;
    (*) V-Ray: Improve selection of VRayPhysicalCamera and VRayLight in the viewport;
    (*) V-Ray: IPR crashes with Alembic hair in specific scene after stop;
    (*) V-Ray: Separate render channels output files are not named properly when saving to separate folders (since 4.02.03);
    (*) V-Ray: Standard material diffuse texture and opacity map do not work with V-Ray Next;
    (*) V-Ray: Stuck at “Building embree moving trees” with multi segment motion blur;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: When there is just one light in the scene, adaptive lights v2 unnecessarily resets the progressive buffer;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Blank images saved when used as texture baking renderer;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash on the second frame in scenes with lots of animated plugins;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when cancelling a batch render in 3ds Max;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when deleting heavy geometry in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash when deleting VRayLights in specific scene;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with BerconNoise and VRayDisplacementMod during IPR;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with Displacement and Environment Fog during IPR;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with Ornatrix (since 4.02.01);
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Crash with specific VRayProxy and displacement;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: CUDA error 700 when turning off Lights while rendering in IPR;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Disable refresh interactive VFB button as it doesn’t work correctly in IPR;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: IPR crashes with stereo mode set to Anaglyph(Red/Cyan)(Green/Magenta);
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Noisy alpha channel with shadow catcher objects;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Random crash when changing VRayLight options;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Unexpected render result with non-spherical Dome VRayLight and matte shadows;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception when moving the time slider with motion blur and OpenSubdiv;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: VRayDirt’s “double sided” parameter is not working correctly;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: VRayOCIO does not work with bitmaps;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: VRayHDRI with RGB multiplier in the Output rollout renders differently;
    (*) V-Ray GPU: When using displacement, textures are affected by the texture format setting;
    (*) VRay2SidedMtl: Crash with animated submaterial on the second frame in V-Ray GPU;
    (*) VRay2SidedMtl: Invalid colors with V-Ray Standalone when rendering scenes with two VRay2SidedMtl materials nested in each other;
    (*) VRayDirt: Crash when undoing deletions of geometries that are in Include/Exclude lists;
    (*) VRayDistanceTex: Crash during IPR (since 4.02.01);
    (*) VRayEnvironmentFog: Crash with VRayEnvironmentFog with overlapping gizmos with coinciding far sides;
    (*) VRayGLSL: GLSL materials cause V-Ray GPU to recompile kernels on each start;
    (*) VRayInstancer: Crash when rendering with Thinking Particles (since 4.02.03);
    (*) VRayInstancer: Fixed losing some particle groups during instancing;
    (*) VRayOSL: Crash during IPR;
    (*) VRayOSL: Crash when selecting specific VRayOSLTex in material editor on scene open;
    (*) VRayOSL: Flipped textures with OSL maps on V-Ray GPU;
    (*) VRayOSL: OSL issues errors when output closures are not explicitly specified;
    (*) VRayOSL: Renders black in IPR if attached to VRayExtraTex;
    (*) VRayPluginNode: Crash when a texmap used as a displacement map is being modified during IPR;
    (*) VRayScene: Camera settings from vrscene interfere with the camera in 3ds max;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Caches containing a minus/dash sign before the # format can not be loaded;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Caches containing digits after the # format can not be loaded;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Crash when rendering with GPU as production after rendering with IPR;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Multiple overlapping volumes do not blend correctly with V-Ray GPU;
    (*) VFB: Aspect ratio is changing when resizing VFB during IPR;
    (*) VFB: Closing the VFB window while 3ds Max is saving a VFB image causes 3ds Max to crash;
    (*) VFB: Image Info has to be cleared when loading a new image in VFB;
    (*) V-Ray scene converter: Fix Opacity and Reflection Glossiness parameters conversion for CoronaSkinMtl;
    (*) V-Ray scene converter: Fix Reference node space mode conversion for CoronaTriplanar;
    (*) Lens Analysis Tool: crashes when analyzing a photo manually;

    Best regards,
    Yavor Rubenov
    V-Ray for 3ds Max developer


    FUCK YEAH Esanti this dongle works perfect!



    Thank you very much to all the members of the group that made this possible!!


    Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in this magic.
    Magic exists!
    Cgicommunity Incredible!


    I have successfully installed and tested the solution. It works! Just make sure that you put windows in test mode before running the setup.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 81 total)
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