GlobePlants | Bundle 25 – Temperate Plants 02

This Bundle 25 includes 15 3D trees, shrubs and grasses for sceneries, gardens and general landscaping purposes in temperate regions with 92 unique photo realistic quality 3D plant models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes.

List of Species:

• Acer x Freemanii Scarsen SCARLET SENTINEL
• Acer x Freemanii
• Allium Caeruleum
• Berberis Thunbergii
• Betula Pumila
• Camellia Sasanqua
• Galanthus Nivalis
• Ginkgo Biloba ‘Princeton Sentry’
• Hamamelis x Intermedia
• Ilex Crenata ‘Steeds’
• Liriodendron Tulipifera ‘Fastigiatum’
• Molinia Caerulea
• Photinia x Fraseri ‘Red Robin’
• Quercus Palustris
• Quercus Phellos

Support Forest Pack Pro library

Our MESH models require 3Ds Max 2014 and above as well as Corona 3.0, VRay 3.6 and Fstorm 1.35. We also support full Forest pack library for all 3 renderers.

GrowFX origin files

With GrowFX origin files, you can easily create new shape of plants by set new “seed”. Or change shape as you needed.
Create wind and grow animate of plants easily( We didn’t add wind for this volume, customers need to add by themselves).
React or Cut out with objects in scene, you can created the shape just fit your sence.
More features please visit

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