Hyperfocal Design | Time-Lapse HDR Footage

Highly Cinematic Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes

The first commercially available Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Dome collection. Time-Lapse skies can do so much for an animation – they can take otherwise completely static shots and make them look interesting and full of wonder. They can transform the lighting from an afternoon to twilight to moon-lit, showing off an environment or architecture in multiple lighting scenarios. Most of all, they introduce a sense of the dramatic, of awe, inspiration, and the epic passage of time. This footage was built for drama and emotion, to watch history unfold and see the future race ahead.

These time-lapse HDRI files are monnnnstrous! 55gb on the high end

Don’t waste any more time with dull, hastily shot HDRs. You won’t find any clamped suns, you won’t have to paint them in yourself, you wont have to adjust gamma or setup your own lighting. Just load the HDR environment into your scene, choose the intensity level and alignment, and you have yourself a highly realistic, image based lighting solution.

These time-lapse HDRI sky domes feature:

♦ 9500x4750px lat/long
♦ True, unclamped HDR, up to 16EV for bright midday skies
♦ Linear 1.0 Gamma
♦ Color Corrected with the Spydercheckr(™) Pro
♦ Up to 1200 frames per time-lapse, in EXR Piz Wavelet format
♦ Completely clean and clear horizon lines in all directions

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