kshane | AnyDrift TreeModels v3 (Wind)

1. 180 tree models + its own winds(180 seamless looping winds)

2. Full render engine supported

Octane(GPU), Fstorm(GPU), Corona(CPU), Standard(build in) Format
less texture counts, less vram usage, less memory usage
Low poly, mid poly, high poly included
Seamless looping winds
3. Including Mat library, one click changing material with many leaf variations

4. Full Octane render engine supported, no matter what version you gonna use, we fully supported(including octane 1.2a to 2.32.2-1.9, octane 2.3 to latest 3.x version)

5. Full Fstorm render supported

6. Not only optimized for GPU renderer, but also saving lots of compute power for CPU renderer(saving memory in Corona render)

More Info Unstoppables!

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  1. Posted by wil Reply

    very very good pack.. thanks cgicommunity for this groupbuy.

  2. Posted by cgbeast Reply

    Amazing models! Thanks for such an opportunity!!!

  3. Posted by korwin Reply

    Like always CGI is the best! Thansk all participators and thanks for esanti for his work.

  4. Posted by Avatari Reply

    Great Collection! I’m glad I was able to participate in the group buy.
    Thanks CGI for making it possible!!

  5. Posted by MagicVines Reply

    Great pack from great community, just bought it and it works just fine.
    Thanks CGI Team!

  6. Posted by spacetrooper Reply

    Nice asset. hard to find similar item.

  7. Posted by Spetksellia Reply

    Old collection but really nice! Thank you CGI Community!

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