Maxtree | Plant Models Vol 20

Plant Models Vol 20 is a collection of high-quality 3D grass models for architectural visualization.
Includes 28 species and each species with 8 different variations models.


1.Support Forest Pack Pro library

2.GrowFX origin files

● With GrowFX origin files, you can easily create new shape of plants by set new “seed”. Or change shape as you needed.
● Create wind and grow animate of plants easily( We didn’t add wind for this volume, customers need to add by themselves).
● React or Cut out with objects in scene, you can created the shape just fit your sence.
● More features please visit


● Includes texture from texturehaven and hdrihaven, used with permission.
● Includes various texture maps from CG Textures, used according to their guidelines.
● Includes wood floor maps from krono-original and textures ,used according to their guidelines.


FormatsMAX | FBX
Software | Plugin: 3Ds max 2012 | GrowFX 1.99 sp6 | Forest Pack Pro 5.0 or above
Renderers: Corona 1.6 | V-Ray 3.6 | Scanline or above
Total size: 9.12GB
Forest Librarys
Cover Scenes with lights (Corona Materials only)

More Info Unstoppables!

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