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145 high quality high-res aerial textures up to 400 megapixels up to 100.000 pixels wide, suitable for general usage includes roads, cross road walks, fields and pavements at different times of season and frozen water features.

This library consist of 145 textures in extremely high resolution of up to 400 mln pixels, for photorealistic texturing of large areas when close views are required.


following textures are included:

49 x field summer
7 x filed winter
3 x pave summer
2 x pond winter
59 x road summer
6 x road cw summer
1 x road patch summer
11 x road winter
7 x square summer

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  1. Balven
    Posted by Balven Reply

    Once again CGI ROCKS!
    Thanks for this new Group buy

  2. Phoenix
    Posted by Phoenix Reply

    Another great CGI team job

    Thank you very much for these fantastic textures!

  3. juve83
    Posted by juve83 Reply

    Thanks. Great pack. Very useful

  4. wil
    Posted by wil Reply

    great share .. very good textures.. thks

  5. spacetrooper
    Posted by spacetrooper Reply

    Great looking textures. Thanks CGI for making it possible.

  6. asylbamby
    Posted by asylbamby Reply

    Great pack of textures…always a pleasure CGI !! Many Thanks !!!!!!

  7. aldima
    Posted by aldima Reply

    thank you very much to cgi community and to all you make this possible, excellent resources.

  8. MagicVines
    Posted by MagicVines Reply

    Thanks for this amazing pack , I cant wait to use them on my architecture projects.

  9. ruruoni
    Posted by ruruoni Reply

    Thank amazing pack share

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